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Extended Range Nitrox 

This program provides the knowledge and experience required to independently plan and conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters, using nitrox mixtures up to 50%. 


Charge Description

Single Tank NT15,000
Double Tanks NT18,000
Sidemount NT18,000

  • Charges include teaching, the international certificate and course materials. (Not include diving equipment, accommodations and meals.)​

  • Diving Equipment Rental, NT500+ / per day. (depends on the diving equipment)

  • Our DivePro Bed and Breakfast, from NT500 to NT2,700 ( depends on the types of rooms)

  • From Monday to Thursday, register our diving programs and stay in DivePro B&B get 50% off discount. (not include diving programs)


延伸領域高氧: Service

First Day

08:00 Academic Subjects - Introduction
10:00  Academic Subjects - Diving Theories
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Confined Water - S-Drill
15:30  Confined Water -
Extended Skills

18:00  Dinner Time


Second Day

08:00 Open Water - Line Laying Underwater
10:00 Open Water - Horizontal Ascending
12:00 Lunch Time
13:30 Open Water - Tactile Sense Test
15:30 Open Water - Nitrogen Narcosis
18:00 Dinner Time

Third Day

08:00 Open Water - Air Sharing
10:00 Open Water - Staged Decompression
12:00 Lunch Time
13:30 Examination
15:30 Get Certificate
16:00 Wrap Up

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