Specialty Courses

After getting the OWD certificate, and you are also interested in Scuba Diving Activities. We recommend you choose Specialty courses that interest to learn more, level up your knowledge and skills at the same time.


Boat Dive

Understand 3 types of diving boats, also practice the Boat-Dive skills of entrying and exiting techniques.


Deep Dive

Regarding this Deep Dive Course, you will be able to dive over the maximum suggested depth of fun dive. (30m)


Perfect Buoyancy

You will be the expert of controlling the neutral buoyancy by practicing in this course.



Practice using a compass to get directions, and also complete the skills of navigation with underwater terrains.


Night Dive

Enjoy night-time ocean with lots of nocturnal creatures! 


Underwater Photography

Learn the key skills of Underwater Photography, use airbrushing, retouching and make films.


Waves & Currents

Check waves, breakers and drift dive, understand the relationship between tides and currents.


Wreck Dive

Experience wreck dive and understand the related basic skills .


Dry Suit

Adjust the air amount of dry suit and transfer the air to the proper places.


Search & Recovery

Use basic navigation skills with ropes to find underwater target. 


Equipment Techniques

Eradicate diving gear's breakdowns,

acquire fundamental fixing ability,

make your diving safer.


Science of Diving

More specific diving theories regarding physiology, physics and decompression and all sorts of diving related science.

If you are suffering / suffered from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Severe Respiratory Illness (Asthma) or persisting in taking Chronic Disease medications, please DO NOT sign up for any diving activities.

For any other concerns, give us a call before signing up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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