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自由潛水: Welcome

This is the required course for you to become a FreeDiving Instructor. In this course, you will learn how to relax , stretch and warm up in negative pressure. Equalize your ear pressure trough mouthfill technique for descending to at least 30 meters. 

SSI FreeDiving Level 3


自由潛水: Service
  • Charges include teaching, the international certificate and course materials. (Not include diving equipment, accommodations and meals.)

  • FreeDiving Equipment Rental, NT500 / per day.

  • Our DivePro Bed and Breakfast, from NT500 to NT2,700 ( depends on the types of rooms)

  • From Monday to Thursday, register our diving programs and stay in DivePro B&B get 50% off discount. (not include diving programs)

Charge Description


Third Day

09:00 Open Water - Arm Stroke for 20m
11:00   Open Water - Ascent without mask
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Open Water - LMC Surface Rescue
15:30  Open Water - Rescue at 20m
16:00  Dinner


First Day

09:00 Academic Subjects
11:00   Static Apnea
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Open Water - STA
15:30  Open Water - Dynamic Apnea
18:00 Dinner Time


Second Day

09:00 Open Water - FreeDive to 10m
11:00   Open Water - FRC
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Open Water - Constant Weight 20m
15:30  Open Water - Constant Weight 30m
18:00 Dinner Time


Fourth Day

09:00 Open Water - Rescue Simulation 
11:00   Open Water - Personal Maximum Depth
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Examination 
15:30  Get certificate
16:00  Warp up

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