Rescue Diver

Learn how to detect stress and release,  practice the rescue skills when emergencies occurr, such as assist panicked divers, rescue / remove unconscious divers, tired diver tow and so on.


Charge Description


  • If you have the certificate such as RR, EFR, EMT1. You will get the refund NT5,000.

  • Charges include teaching, the international certificate and course materials. (Not include diving equipment, accommodations and meals.)

  • Diving Equipment Rental, NT1,100 / per day.​

  • Our DivePro Bed and Breakfast, from NT500 to NT2,700 ( depends on the types of rooms)​

  • From Monday to Thursday, register our diving programs and stay in DivePro B&B get 50% off discount. (not include diving programs)

Course Schedule


First Day

08:00 The First Aid
10:00  Administering CPR, AED, Oxygen
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Academic Subjects - Stress 
15:30  Academic Subjects - Rescue
18:00 Dinner Time

Second Day

08:00 Open Water - Self Aid
10:00 Open Water - Diver Aid
12:00  Lunch Time
13:30  Open Water - Rescue
15:30  Open Water - Rescue Scenario

18:00 Dinner Time

Third Day

08:00 Examination
10:00 Get Certificate
12:00 Lunch Time
13:30 Wrap Up

If you are suffering / suffered from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Severe Respiratory Illness (Asthma) or persisting in taking Chronic Disease medications, please DO NOT sign up for any diving activities.

For any other concerns, give us a call before signing up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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