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Hsiao Wu

I am Hsiao Wu, native of Hengchun township. Perhaps is my cheerful personality, which makes me decide to rush into the sun and the ocean. Ever since I dove for the first time, I've been saying to myself; I wish everybody can see the beauty of our ocean which lead me to become an instructor. So are you ready to join me to this wonderful world?

Follow me ~ lets go !!



I am super ~ super afraid of fish, even just see the fish would make me vomit! But I love this sea! Diving gave me a big challenge, let me face my own self, especially in the water, such serenity feeling, makes me deeply fascinated! There is always some unexpected surprise waiting at the bottom of the ocean. Don't tell me you never dive in your life, give yourself a chance to feel with us.



Since my OWD class, I've been in love with this deep blue ocean. Diving makes my body and mind relax. It is a place of quietness, where you can truly hear your  breathing and meet the beauty of ocean. This feeling is not something you can imagine, nor any word can be described. It is something you have to experience yourself. And it will be my pleasure to show you around.


Teng Hsien

Hi ~ I'm Teng Hsien. I like diving, I love joyful feeling, like to capture underwater creatures photos with you, come join with me to create wonderful memories on the land or deep down the sea. Happily live on every day. Joyful without limit! Awesome!



Maybe I look  serious, but my heart is like the sun of Kenting, warm and sunny! Diving lets me know more about myself, also closer to get along with people! In addition to diving I also like sports, if you like weightlifting, welcome to come to DivePro practice with me, let me show you how I build up my body, and push you to the limit !!



My interest is underwater photography due to the diversity of ocean life, wish to record everything in the water.If you have free time, come join me, let's take pictures together! If you have the opportunity to come DivePro at off-season, there will be different surprise of breakfast waiting for you!!



I like all the water-related activities, especially diving. I like to shoot the pictures that divers interact with underwater creatures. Come dive together! Let me help you record every underwater moment !



My first dive was in 1989, back then I was just ten years old, cylinder was even taller than me! My reaction is a little slow, please be patient, but diving related information I  can respond quickly. Find time to come DivePro diving and having fun!



California's sunshine cultivates my friendly and outdoor type of personality. From skiing to scuba diving are all my fun fountain. Life is a wonderful journey, I travelled all around the world along to Kenting, how can you not visit the beauty of undersea? Let me show you the wonder!



Due to the passion of singing and music, struggle with the reality for pursuing the dream.

A big child who left Taipei wandered to Pingtung, and accidentally devoted his heart to the ocean...


Let me sing a song for you,

for this amazing and serene deep blue sea.



From the direction of sunrise,

Love the ocean,

Love to go beyond limits,

Love to mix everything and create new thing,

so I learn bartending for tasting different savors.

Love to fix the problems,

so I make those old broken equipment become as new one.

Love to observe this world with different aspects,

so I travel around for clearing my mind.

Love normal but splendid life,

so I’m waiting for you to explore the underwater world.

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