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技術潛水: Welcome

FreeDiving Courses

We offer five different Free-diving courses for all levels of students, from Try Free-diving Courses to Level 3 (max. 40 m). Moreover, we also provide the training program if you want to be Free-diving Instructors. 


​FreeDiving Level 1|20m


Through this course, you'll learn the Relaxation Abdominal Breathing, more efficient full breath method, Static Apnea, duck dive, and Constant Weight with fins descending at least 10 meters.


FreeDiving Level 2|30m


You'll experience deeper relaxation of yourself, the body extension through full breath, longer Static Apnea, more efficient method for Ear Equalization, and descending at least 20 meters.


FreeDiving Level 3|40m


The essential course for becoming an instructor: extension & relaxation under negative pressure, warm-up under negative pressure, Mouthfill equalization techniques, and descending at least 30 meters.

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