Technical Diving Courses

To participate this course, your Divelog number have to be more than 24 with the certificate of EAN40 & Deep Dive.

Extended Range Nitrox|40m


This program provides the knowledge and experience required to dive plan and conduct limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 m, using nitrox mixtures up to 50%.

Extended Range|45m


In this course, you have to use completed extended range equipment which includes double tanks or side-mount and one staged tank for carrying out at least 6 deep diving.



This course requires minimum 100 verified Dive-log numbers and the 

familiarazation  with all kinds of extended range diving activities. In this course, you are going to dive in

limited decompression.

If you are suffering / suffered from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Severe Respiratory Illness (Asthma) or persisting in taking Chronic Disease medications, please DO NOT sign up for any diving activities.

For any other concerns, give us a call before signing up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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