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Try FreeDiving

If you can’t swim or unfamiliar with water, we recommend you try FreeDiving to see if you could get used to FreeDiving activities. You will also know how to do Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea, duck diving and other FreeDiving techniques during this activity.


Charge Description


  • Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday 

  • Charges include teaching, the international certificate and course materials. (Not include diving equipment, accommodations and meals.)

  • FreeDiving Equipment Rental, NT500 / per day.

  • Our DivePro Bed and Breakfast, from NT500 to NT2,700 ( depends on the types of rooms)

  • From Monday to Thursday, register our diving programs and stay in DivePro B&B get 50% off discount. (not include diving programs)


09:00 Breathing-up
11:00 Static Apnea
12:00 Lunch Time
13:30 Open Water - Dynamic Apnea
15:30 Open Water - Duck Dive

體驗自由潛水: Inner_about
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