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體驗潛水: Welcome

Try Scuba

If you like outdoor water activities, such as snorkeling, jet skiing, banana boat riding, but you are a bit bored with them. Try scuba diving when you visit Kenting!  

Our professional instructors will lead you to explore the awesome and fascinating inner space. 


Activity Description

Price: NT3,000

Discounted Price: NT2,500 per person

  • Brief teaching: 20 minutes

  • Wearing gear: 30 minutes

  • Underwater: 40 minutes

  • Free photos and videos 

  • Certificate (worth NT1000)


1. Learn equalization and mask cleaning techniques.

2. Select a right and suitable diving gear. 

3. Explore and adapt shallow area (2 meters).

4. Explore and adapt deep area (6 meters).

5. Try other scuba activities and feed fish.

6. Get your certificate, videos and photos.

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