Diving Courses

We have multiple diving courses here, such as Try Scuba, OWD, AOWD, Specialty Courses, Leadership Level like Diving Instructor.

Let's learn diving!

Try Scuba

Try Scuba Diving first and see if you would get used to the diving activities.

Open Water Diver

The first step to the amazing underwater world. 

Advanced Open Water Diver

Try 5 different diving specialties and see which you prefer to learn more.

Specialty Courses

Choose one of diving specialty course you’re interested in and learn more.

Enriched Air Diver

Understand the advantages of using Nitrox, avoid the risk of Oxygen toxicity, and stay longer in the water. 

Rescue Diver

Learn how to detect pressure and release it. Practice the rescue skills when emergencies occur.

Dive Guide

Guide divers to enjoy the underwater moment and share the fun and the enthusiasm of diving.

Dive Master

Assist instructors to guide beginners and make more people fall in love with diving activities.

Dive Instructor

Guide beginners to learn the theories and skills of diving.

If you are suffering / suffered from Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Severe Respiratory Illness (Asthma) or persisting in taking Chronic Disease medications, please DO NOT sign up for any diving activities.

For any other concerns, give us a call before signing up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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