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12月12日 週六




It is one of diving heaven around asia. Located 500 km east of the Philippines archipelago, Around by a Great Barrier Reef and numerous islands.

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Time & Location

2020年12月12日 上午8:00 – 2020年12月18日 下午11:00

Palau, Palau

About the event

<Palau> It is one of diving heaven around asia. Located 500 km east of the Philippines archipelago, Around by a Great Barrier Reef and numerous islands. It is the climate of tropical rain forest and average temperature of 28.9 ℃ degree. There is numerous famous dive site like:

*Blue Hole One of the most famous dive site at Palau. Blue Holes in Palau is a huge cavern, offering the perfect backdrop of ambient light, bright blue water and silhouette effects for the ideal zoomed out photo perspective. For those divers who wish to return home from Palau with that ONE epic photo of themselves enjoying the splendor of the ocean, then look no further then Blue Holes.

*German Channel During the German occupation of Palau, guano (phosphate) was mined on the southern island of Angaur. In order to bring guano to town, the Germans blasted and dredged a channel that connected the inner lagoon with the open ocean. The outside mouth is dived on the incoming tide, when nutrient- and plankton-rich current flows into the inner lagoon.

Today German Channel is one of the most epic dive sites here in Palau. But a century of nature’s work has mostly hidden the fact that this dive site is actually the work of man and not nature. Here is known for Manta Rays clean station, schooling sharks and an abundance of tropical fish.

*Big Drop off Big Drop Off in Palau is a popular snorkel spot during lunchtime because it is a large deep fault, 285 meters deep from sea level nestled up against Ngemelis Island. Which is arguably the best wall dive in the world and is as gorgeous topside as it is below.

Where you will be greeted by a large number of coral reef fish, like Pyramid Butterflyfish along with Square Anthias, Moorish Idols, Yellowtail Fusiliers and the ever-present Sargent Major are abundant along the top edge of the reef. Blue-Stripped Clownfish and Clarkis can be seen playing amongst the anemones spotting the reef’s edge as well. With many variety of colorful sea fan and soft coral, more and more lovely fish will come to greet you, from time to time you can also enjoy the black fin reef Shark's excellent tour.

*Ulong Waterway Just west of one of the most picturesque beaches in Palau (Ulong Island) lies Ulong channel which is known for its strong currents, seasonal spawning activity, gliding sharks and one of the most exhilarating channel gliding experiences in Palau.

The currents at Ulong Channel can be unpredictable and strong and it’s not uncommon to experience abrupt changing currents midway through a dive. Stick close to your guide, you may have to turn around. The best time to dive Ulong Channel is on an incoming tide when the current is strongest and the most clear, visibility up to 29 meters.

Drop down into Ulong Channel to 18 meters and drift for about 10 minutes before hitting the mouth of the channel. It is here at the mouth of the channel where the stingrays, gray reef sharks, schools of snappers, tuna, czech, barracuda and the elegant batfish can be seen gliding past. Some time if you lucky, can also see a large gentian grouper, shuttle in the bottom of the coral reef.

*Blue Corner Blue Corner at Palau is one of the most action-packed scuba dive sites in the world. It is a famous big fish gathering place and promises up to 13 different species and sharks, circling just beyond the plummeting reef wall. It is a good place to capture shark close-up. From a stretch of the sea to the formation of a spectacular cliff, the depth is about 30 meters.

Divers can drop in at one buoy marker along the eastern reef wall and drop down to 24-28 meters to see a large variety of small gorgonian fans and other formations. Or drop in at 17 meters, divers typically hook-in to view the show bustling around them. Anthias, butterflyfish,sea bass, jack fish, barracuda and the ever popular Napoleon wrasse cruise by in the swift currents for a friendly visit. The currents can change in any given moment, and they can move in any direction (up, down, sideways) and in all conditions diving Blue Corner Palau is considered a drift dive.

Palau~ a lifetime of ecstasy !! Where you can never have enough !!

Day 1   Gather at Taoyuan international airport terminal 2 , 1st desk of departure lobby , Take 13:15 plane to Palau, when we arrive, someone will take us to the Palasia Hotel Palau. Dinner: Palasia Hotel Palau (or other hotel of same level )

Day 2 Ulong channel, seris cove, glass city

Day 3 German channel, blue hole, blue corner

Day 4 New drop off, turtle city, shipwreck (IRO)

Day 5 Free time or participate in activities at their own expense in the morning and return home by plane in the evening

Package Including:

★ The Round Trips Economy Class tickets includes airport taxes, fuel tax, environmental protection tax, and departure tax.

★ Hotel accommodation for 4 nights. Includes 4 breakfasts 4 lunch 2 dinners.

★ 9 days cylinders and diving for 3 days.

★ Transfer airport shuttle service to and from the hotel.

★ Half-day city tour.

★ 2 million liability insurance and 200,000 accidental medical insurance.


★ Kolo Tax USD50 USD

★ Two dinner, personal massage service.

★ Half-day city tour guide tip is USD $10 per person,diving guide tip USD $36 per person

★ Private consumption: such as excess baggage fees, beverages, alcohol, laundry, telephone, telex, and private transportation.

★ diving equipment costs, if you need to rent equipment, please tell us!

★ Each high oxygen cylinder plus USD$10 per tank (need to hold a high oxygen license).

*Accommodation Hotel Link: Palasia Hotel Http://

*Airline information: China Airlines 2018 / 12 /14 (Sat) 13:15 - 18:15 China Airlines CI28 Taoyuan International Airport to Palau 2018 / 12 /18 (Wen) 19:05 - 21:45 China Airlines CI27 Palau to Taoyuan International Airport

Registration number: + 886-08-8866338 Registration Website: Trip description Link: Http://

Contact information: FB Message us or call to registration Don Liu cell phone number: 0933-272-525 Dive Pro office number: 08-8866338 Transfer Account: [007 First Bank Hengchun Branch] [Liu Dong Yue] [7536 8018 598]

★Dive Pro Diving Tour ★ Early Bird Special Offers★

★Enroll Sign up 5 month before the schedule date and complete deposit; We will offer you "Early Bird" discount of $1000 NT off for in land Taiwan's tour. Or discount $2000 NT Off for oversea tour.

★Enroll Sign up 3 month before the schedule date and complete deposit; We will offer you "Early Bird" discount of $500 NT Off for in land Taiwan's tour. Or discount $1000 NT off for oversea tour.

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